LNG, NGV, biogas, biomethane and BioLNG marketing and infrastructures.

At Cringás we take care of the marketing, the design, the installation and the maintenance of our own LNG, NGV, biogas, biomethane and BioLNG infrastructures and those of our customers too.

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians can undertake projects and supply services that are not only related to LNG and NGV, but also biogas, biomethane and BioLNG marketing and infrastructures, with the highest quality standards.

Cringás, a certified company.

Environmentally friendly and committed to sustainable development.

Cringás is an innovative company that supplies quality services, it is committed to protecting the environment, and it advocates sustainable industrial development and the improvement of the quality of life of society. That is why we give top priority to the quality controls and safety. To this end, our company has established the appropriate procedures to guarantee the highest standards of safety and risk management in our work associated with marketing and the development of LNG, NGV, biogas, biomethane and BioLNG infrastructures.

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LNG, NGV, biogas, biomethane and BioLNG marketing and infrastructures.

LNG, NGV, biogas, biomethane and BioLNG marketing and infrastructures.

We are a project development company, our work includes engineering and the construction of LNG satellite regasification plants, NGV for mobility, natural gas distribution infrastructures (M&R, etc.) along with biogas, biomethane and BioLNG marketing and infrastructures.

We supply and sell LNG with different formulas and benchmarks; we adapt to the needs of the customers.

We can supply flexible contracts, which make it easier to acquire gas.

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in the natural gas industry and more specifically in cryogenic engineering. We carry out projects and build LNG regasification satellite plants in other countries, transporting the product in tanks by road from the import terminal. We also build the gas distribution system from the plant to the end consumer. We guarantee that these structures, our own and those of our customers, run as efficiently as possible, through the appropriate maintenance and upkeep.

High quality standards

We are currently considered to be one of the most qualified firms when it comes to the design, construction, running and the maintenance of the LNG regasification plants and NGV service stations. Our business policy focuses on the customer with the ultimate goal of supplying services according to their needs, adapting to each one, always in line with our high quality standards.


Natural Gas refuelling stations (LNG)

We have customised mobility solutions with Natural Gas. We design, we build, we run, we maintain and we manage service stations to refuel vehicles with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG).

Engineering, small scale LGN solutions

Our engineering department specialises in cryogenic technology, we develop LNG infrastructure projects for municipalities, industrial customers, land and maritime mobility, bunkering, and we also work with other engineers from the sector as technologists. We organise everything from drawing up the project to legalizing it, the project management and supervision.

Marketing natural gas

We are natural gas marketers, we supply LNG, we can load in all the Spanish terminals, we come up with supply solutions for industrial customers, natural gas fuelling stations and Bunkering operations.

LNG bunkering solutions

We supply Truck-to-Ship (TTS) natural gas bunkering services; we have our own fleet of LNG carriers, along with nitrogen inerting equipment, the simultaneous interconnection of various tankers or container ships, LNG pumping systems, etc.

Facilities from gas pipelines and M&R

We plan and we transform the receiving terminals of our customers, demonstrating the advantages of changing over to Natural Gas. We design and build Metering and Regulating Stations (M&Rs), of High Pressure pipelines, for urban distribution systems (City Gates) for high consumption (combined cycles) or for industrial customers.

LNG satellite plants

Cringás builds, operates and maintains stations for industrial use, it provides customers with advice and it works with them to maximize the savings by changing the fuel and by supplying the best technical solution possible according to their needs.

It operates in Spain (including the islands) and Portugal, and it can work anywhere in the world.

Places of business

Dominican Republic

Distribution plants in the Dominican Republic with activities carried out directly: (basic and detailed engineering, legalisation, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, urban development and buildings, site management, etc.).


Plants for industrial customers of Metrogas in Chile, with activities carried out directly (basic and detailed engineering, mechanical engineering, and site management, etc.).


More than 50 distribution plants in the last 8 years; our main customers:

More than 100 plants of end customers in the last 10 years, working for both the end customer and also for:

More than 15 NGV service stations in the last 5 years, working for both the end customer and for:

PSR’S en el resto de Europa


2 distribution plants for GALP.

1 end customer plant for ENDESA.


1 end customer plant for AXEGAZ.

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